Experienced British voice-over artist who’s work includes video games, audiobooks, films, commercials, trailers and more.

Recently voiced the role of The Mother in the English version of the Oscar Nominated Animated feature ‘I Lost My Body’ now on Netflix.


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Recent Trailer – I Am Not A Robot



Irina from the Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov – with Therese Theurillat

Portia from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare – with Frank Reeves Rivera

Emma from Betrayal by Harold Pinter – with Emmanuel Todorov

Animation Reel:

Video Game Reel:

Recent game playing an Elven Queen:

Commercial Reel:

Documentary Narration

Most recently narrated the documentary EXIT – ‘A journey out of the heart of human trafficking’. It is wonderfully Directed and Produced by Alison Wilson. 

Narrated the ‘A Brief History of Dogs’ bonus feature on Cesar Millan’s: Socialization DVD.

Documentary Reel:

Most recent audiobook narration is ‘Women Who Want More’ by Dr. Rana Al-Falaki and is available on Amazon

Guided Meditations
Here is a recent meditation which is also available on Insight Timer:

Children’s Podcasts 

Tonya and the U.S.S. Leave Me Alone

A fun sci-fi podcast series about an adventurous 10 year old who becomes a space captain.

The full series is available with subscription – click here

The Chip

Narrated this sci-fi Podcast for ages 13+

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